Helen Glover

Helen Glover



British artist Helen Glover was born in Nottinghamshire in the UK, and now resides in sunny California. Helen specializes in Photorealism, Portraits and Contemporary Abstracts.

Her Photorealism work is created using colored pencil, such as the painting “Drumsticks”, which belongs to a colorful collection called “The Old Candy Shop”.
Helen’s contemporary acrylic abstract work is a progression of her Photorealism paintings and it suggests the method and style in abstract form, from her Photorealism work. Much like her. It’s vibrant and cheerful, which is a huge part of its appeal.

Helen has won several awards for her Photorealism work and will also be featured in “Stroke of Genius 11 - Finding Beauty”. Along with various International exhibitions across the USA.

A member of Colored Pencil Society of America and the International Guild of Realism.

As of the beginning of 2019, Helen is available for commissioned work, whilst working on new paintings for up coming exhibitions.