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Hand Carved Teak Wood Panels on Black Marble Stand

  • $605.00

Made with a solid reclaimed teak plank that's been mounted onto a gorgeous marble slat, this Teak Panel is a true display of natural beauty. In an effort to reuse old material that would otherwise be thrown away, this accent piece is a work of organic art that fills a space well on its own or with the drift wood set. Design made simple for the modern home.


  • Natural teak-wood to add an element of nature to your space
  • Place in any room of your house to add your own style with this simple design
  • Solid marble base will hold the sculpture firmly in place Hand-carved teak for an artisan look
  • Feel A 6 ft high natural sculpture to draw your eyes up in a room


  • 12"W x 12"D x 79"H


  • Solid Teak
  • Black Marble Stand