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Terraz Rug

Brand: Gus*
  • $795.00
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It's easy to appreciate the natural look of terrazzo, with its mix of colorful pieces of marble, quartz, granite, and glass. The Terraz rug captures that unique style but with a soft, high-pile design that's cozy to walk on. These rugs are made by hand from 100% New Zealand wool, and their patterns feature various colors, shapes, and finishes for a fun and modern vibe in your home. Terraz comes in two bold color options and two different sizes to suit your space.

  • Each handmade rug has unique characteristics that showcase the artistry of the craftsperson that created it.
  • 100% New Zealand wool.
  • Sizes listed are approximate and may vary slightly.
  • Hand-bound edges.
  • Premium backing.
  • Pre-washed to eliminate shedding and odor.
  • For spills, blot immediately with a towel and use mild soap only if necessary. Test in an inconspicuous area. Blot to dry.