Artwork of Andy Omega

American born Pop artist, Andy Omega began silk screening t-shirts, posters, and stickers at the age of 14. In 1994 Andy produced a T-Shirt with his own image and the words "Ain’t it sweet"following a circular path around the image. The shirt was his first commercial success, the shirt featured a hidden message which would appear when certain letters were covered due to wearing an open jacket. Approximately 100 "Ain’t it sweet" shirts sold and it would lay the groundwork for a worldwide campaign of stickers and posters. In 1998 Andy began giving out stickers and punk rock buttons with his new logo on them. The campaign placed stickers and posters in New York, L.A., London, Barcelona, France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Tokyo from 98- Present.

His first solo show in 2003 was a 3D photo spectacular entitled "Window of God". Andy purchased a Stereoscopic camera and taught himself how to make the 2 film images 3D with the use of 3D glasses. In 2003 3D was a dead art form and the show was acclaimed for being a fresh spin on a lost art form. The shows sponsors were Apple, American Apparel, Technics/Panasonic, Marvonik, and Andy’s production label TheStuffofLegends.

The art show "Window of God" featured 3D projections, large format photo prints, 3D glasses, and lactating nude sculptures, which poured Cap Cods or Sangria from their breasts. "Window of God" led to a resurgence of 3D in popular culture and also earned Andy a position with Tilly’s art department. Andy parlayed this opportunity into funding 2 art galleries, but after the financial crash of 08, Andy moved his operation to New York.

Some of the worlds wealthiest own Andy’s work, and a collaboration piece produced by Banksy and Andy Omega was purchased by Cornell University. Andy Omega’s work is also on display at most Starwood properties.