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Chaiya Accent Stool

Brand: Urbia
  • $449.00
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Crafted from solid Chamcha wood, the Chaiya Accent Stool showcases a cylindrical silhouette adorned with stylish channels around its sides, lending a unique and modern touch to any living space. Each stool exhibits the skilled craftsmanship evident in the wood's natural beauty, displaying distinct grain patterns, knots, and subtle variations in shape and finish. Meticulously carved by hand, this stool celebrates the authentic essence of Chamcha wood, accentuating its organic features like knots and cracks. As a result, every Chaiya Accent Stool - Short stands as a singular piece, harmonizing the raw, natural allure of Chamcha wood with its chic cylindrical design featuring captivating channels, enhancing your decor with a touch of individualistic allure.


  • Crafted by hand from 100% solid chamcha wood
  • Adds a distinctive touch and individualistic charm to your décor
  • Wood exhibits distinct grain patterns, knots, and subtle variations in both shape and finish


  • Solid Chamcha Wood


  • Short Dimension: 18" W X 18" D X 18" H
  • Tall Dimension: 18" W X 18" D X 24" H