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Chakan Coffee Table

Brand: Urbia
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Reflecting the influence of iconic design principles, the Chakan Coffee Table seamlessly merges natural allure with contemporary elegance. Crafted from solid chamcha wood, it celebrates the wood's distinct grain patterns and rich tones, showcasing a tapered waterfall edge on one side. The other side embraces openness, relying on a slender iron leg for support. This design choice nods to a timeless aesthetic, evoking a harmonious blend of organic beauty and minimalist sophistication, creating an inviting focal point in any space.


  • Crafted from solid chamcha wood with a single slender iron leg
  • Adds a distinctive touch and individualistic charm to your decor
  • Wood exhibits distinct grain patterns, knots, and subtle variations in both shape and finish


  • Solid Chamcha Wood, Iron


  • Overall Dimension: 46" W X 30" D X 16" H