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Electrum Accent Table

  • $825.00

A swirling constellation of polished brass and stainless steel rods topped with smoked glass, our Electrum Accent Table is the perfect cocktail perch. With a simple but kinetic form and a glamorous combo of brass and nickel, our Electrum Collection is sure to be a future classic.

Jonathan believes design is successful if it looks as if it has always existed, as if it was uncovered rather than designed-the Electrum Accent Table fits the bill.

Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, and the embodiment of our belief that you should mix your metals with abandon by Jonathan Adler.


  • Polished brass and stainless steel with mirrored glass top
  • Imported
  • Never use cleaner with alcohol or solvents on metals as they may damage the surface and finish
  • If your metal shows signs of significant wear, consult with a professional


                  • Overall: 13"W x 22"H