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Suri Mirror

Brand: Urbia
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Featuring a circular design with an intricate arrangement of freeform iron shapes, the Suri Mirror is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Each iron element, adorned with rippled edges, artistically encircles the mirror, forming a captivating circular frame. Crafted entirely from iron, this mirror showcases exceptional metalwork artistry, making a bold statement with its meticulous detailing and unique design. An exquisite addition to any space, the Suri Mirror exudes distinctive charm and craftsmanship.


  • Frame crafted from 100% iron
  • Frame showcases meticulous craftsmanship with its freeform iron shapes and rippled-edge detailing
  • Adds distinctive charm and craftsmanship to any space


  • Iron, Clear Glass Mirror


  • 33"D Dimension: 33" W X 1.5" D X 33" H
  • 43"D Dimension: 43" W X 1.5" D X 43" H