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Clarence Mirror

Brand: Villa & House
  • $158.00
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The polished minimalism of the Clarence Mirror makes it an effortless accent fit for practically any style of decor, from white-washed beachy themes to rooms decked out in rich, warmer tones. Proportionally, its larger reflective panel is contrasted by the delicate glint of its slender brass frame, forming a perfectly square silhouette that gives any room the illusion of extra space and light. As a trio, the small, medium, and large Clarence Mirrors can be styled together to create a complementary design statement or mixed amid art and other frames on a gallery wall. Even used solo, however, the Clarence of any size makes a chic impression.

  • Clear Mirror & Polished Brass Surround

Small Size Dimension: 14.5" L X 2" D X 14.5" H
Medium Size Dimension: 19.5" L X 2" D X 19.5" H
Large Size Dimension: 28.5" L X 2.5" D X 28.5" H